Dog walking

We offer dog walking to give your dog something to look forward to each day. Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do and if they have proper excercise on a daily basis it will energise their mind and body. Some dog behavioural problems are as a result of isolation, boredom and insufficient excercise. Regular socialising and excercise means a happy well balanced dog.

I can also call in during the day to check on your dogs and let them into the garden for a toilet break or feed.

I will text you upon returning to reassure you that all is well. I do not charge for this service.


Cat care

We recognise that it can often be traumatic for a cat to be sent to a cattery as they are such free spirits they often prefer their home enviroment. We can visit whilst you are on holiday and feed, clean litter trays and give them that bit of extra time and affection that they will appreciate. Our service offers you the peace of mind to take holidays without worrying.

Again I will send a text each day for your peace of mind


We can give you that extra peace of mind whilst you are away on holiday by taking in your post, drawing curtains and putting out the bins etc.

We offer a variety of services to clients and pets so each service is bespoke to meet your needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to ask.